We believe in quality and our motto is to satisfy customer by using our products. Our motto is to develop new techniques for manufacturing food processing machines and develop center wise market. We believe our customer’s satisfaction as our success for our products. Our aim is to provide every possible service to our customer and take care of their minimum requirement. We aim to pay special attention to their complaints in order to improve ourselves and to satisfy them in every possible way. Our main aim is to produce machines by using which one can save time and energy.


We Manufacture and Export, Export Quality Food Processing Machines like Mixer grinder, Veg. cutting, Tooti Froti cutting, Chapatti Making, Mava making, Dough maker, Aatha maker, khaman-dhokla-idli-patra-steamrise oven available in electric and gas, Incense stick, Namkin-pickles-spice-powder Ribbon Blender, Wet pulverize, Wet Grinder stone (south India type), Potato pilling, oil-water remover(dryer), Dry fruit cutter, namkin extruder, vibro scean, jelly cube cutter, cube cutter, finger chips cutter, pizza oven,deep fat fryer, sandwich griller,etc & kitchen equipments like gas range, Chinese gas range, chapatti puffer, hot Benz merry, service trolley, service table, service counter, masala trolley & box, water sink, rack(s.s.&m.s.), wall shelf, shelf counter,etc. Our machines are built to the highest possible specifications, are robust in construction, durable, and ingenious in design reflecting our ever-conscious efforts in reaching the acme of perfection as the leading manufacturers in food processing machines.
Our extensive experience and technical capabilities provide the modern caterer and food processor with equipment that not only offers the ideal solution to today’s high standard of requirements along with consistently good culinary results. We sell our products in INDIA as well as in other countries.
However, if you have any suggestions or idea for manufacturing food processing machines, then speak to us. We can help you visualize, design and engineer the machine in order to mechanize the production of almost any food product, all with high quality, speed, reliability, and costing mind. Our aim is to make your food production processes simple… yet effective!

About Us

We would be glad to know you about our Company. Vishvakarma Techno Steel Equipments is the Pioneering Company for “FOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY” manufacturing industry since 1986. We have pride for developing such new products in food processing field. Since today we made so many types of relevant machines for food processing. We are proud to be an integral part in aiding standing customers and their respective businesses in attaining phenomenal success with the use of our vast array of food processing machinery. 
We produce high quality and reliable food processing machines, specifically for the ethnic food industry. We hold the membership for food Research & Development center in RAJKOT; We are also connected with magazines like khadya khurakh (published all over Gujarat),khurakh Hindi weekly(published all over India), khurakh food in TOTO(published all over world), Food Samachar(published all over India), Aras Paras, Dairy Motel. We are a member of the most recognized association of Gujarat named AGCA. We are also connected with “PANACEA” organization.