VTSE Semi Automatic Roti Chapati Making Machine

The semi-automatic chapati making machine is crafted using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology. This innovation enhances the traditional food preparation process by significantly increasing efficiency in commercial kitchens. Offered in various sizes to meet specific needs, the machine can be tailored to fit the unique chapati-making demands of different establishments.


  • Semi Automatic roti chapati making machine
  • production capacity : 1000 pcs per hour
  • size of Roti : adjustable min.2 to max.8 inch
  • weights of Roti : adjustable min. 10 to 60 gm
  • Thickness  of Roti : adjustable min. 1.2 To max. 3mm
  • Electrical Consumption : 2.4 unit to 2.8kg/hr.
  • All contact and cover : SS 304
  • Machine Size 6.11 L x 2.6 B x 4.9 H ft.
  • Machine Wt. : 575 kg.



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