Vidhi Stainless vegetable Dryer hydro Water Extractor (Potato Chips and vegeteable Dryer)

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  • Drum Size               :15X12x1 Inch
  • Drum capacity        : 10-15 KG / 2 MINIT
  • Machine Weight     : Ap. 100KG.
  • Motor capacity       :1 HP/1 PHASE
  • Body                         :SS.
  • Machine Size           :53x20x23 Inch without Stand
  • Use                           : For removing oil and water from namkeen.
  • A centrifugal water remover, or spin dryer, for food products is a piece of equipment designed to remove excess water from freshly washed or rinsed food items. These machines are commonly used in food processing facilities where cleanliness and moisture control are critical. Here’s a general overview of how such a machine might work:

    1. Loading: Freshly washed or rinsed food products are loaded into the machine. This could include fruits, vegetables, or other food items that need to be dried.
    2. Centrifugal Force: The machine spins rapidly, creating centrifugal force. This force pushes water away from the surface of the food products.
    3. Separation: The centrifugal force causes the water to move toward the outer edges of the spinning chamber, separating it from the food products.
    4. Drainage: The separated water is then drained away from the food products. The drainage system may be designed to collect and remove the water efficiently.
    5. Drying: The remaining food products are left drier as a result of the centrifugal force expelling the excess water.

    These machines are crucial in the food industry to enhance the shelf life of products, maintain product quality, and meet hygiene standards. They are often used in conjunction with washing and processing lines, ensuring that the final products are not only clean but also properly dried.

    As with any equipment used in the food industry, it’s essential that these machines comply with food safety regulations. Manufacturers design them with materials and features that meet food-grade standards to ensure the safety of the processed food products.

    If you are considering a specific centrifugal water remover or spin dryer for food processing, it’s advisable to consult with the manufacturer to ensure that the equipment meets all necessary food safety and quality standards.


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